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Give your loved one the gift of readiness.  They will leave our courses ready and motivated.  We don't just put on training we put on experiences that your loved one will carry with them forever.  

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Pistol/Rifle 1


When we set out to build our entry level curriculum, we wanted to do so in a way that got people ready, fast.  All of us from Instructors, Military professionals, Law Enforcement and everyday carry citizens and protectors started somewhere.  We have built CORE to benefit shooters of all levels, especially newer firearm owners and shooters.  Everyone of our instructors had their own upbringing and process to get them where they are today and we have pooled those experiences to bring you a level 1 course like no other.

You'll start with an introduction to marksmanship fundamentals and move on to skillset mechanics such as reloads, malfunction clearing, and multiple target transitions.  We'll then introduce shooting on the move and even end with a little run and gun.  

Pistol CORE - $150

Rifle CORE - $150

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critical applications

Pistol/Rifle 2


Critical Applications is a wealth of collective experience and training, combined to bring to you a level 2 training course like no other.   We take everything you learned during Core and apply those skillsets to challenging drills and scenarios. 

We start the day by taking inventory of  fundamentals and skillsets and quickly get into fighting.  This course will push you like never before.  We put a lot of rounds down range, making every single hit count.  You'll also dive into physiological and the mentality behind why we train the way we do and why it is important to apply and test the fundamentals under stress.

You must complete a Core class for the Critical Applications course you wish to register for.

Critical Pistol Applications  - $175

Critical Rifle Applications  - $175

Combined Arms - $175

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Precision Rifle Core

Precision Rifle 1


Precision Rifle Core was carefully designed to establish a solid foundation in precision rifle shooting. The course focuses on The 3 major aspects of; Fundamentals of marksmanship, collecting and recording rifle data, and understanding of ballistics. With a Straightforward approach deeply rooted in the Marine Corps scout sniper program, This course will afford students the knowledge and skills they need to go forward and make predictable and repeatable hits on target past 600 yards.

SPECtrain's first 2 day course will include classroom instruction as well as 2 days of range time. with a low student to instructor ratio, Precision Rifle Core will cater to the individual needs of every shooter. So whether you will be shooting targets for fun, animals for food, or carrying a long rifle for Military or LE purposes, this curriculum will give you the tools you need.


-$25 Range Fee

-300 Rounds

-We will begin Promptly at 0800 with waiver signing, content building, introductions and safety brief. Please arrive early to allow for gear prep.

-Full gear list and exact location will be emailed upon registration.

-By entering payment information and completing an order you are certifying that you are of appropriate age for this training and that you are a U.S citizens who is legally allowed to possess a firearm. 


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1st step in obtaining a NC CCW Permit


This is the course required by the state of North Carolina before you can apply for a Concealed Carry Weapon Permit.  The course is 8 hours in length and takes place in Kings Mountain, NC.  

NC CCH - $85

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cover/CONCEALMENT Dynamics

Rifle and/or Pistol


During this course you'll learn how to fight behind cover and identify the difference between cover and concealment.  We will also put you through a one man room clearing block that will lead into a force on force scenario based training block.  We will then shoot through common walls and other media and you will have an opportunity to see what your chosen carry/defense ammo will do in the environments we live and fight in.  

You can run your Rifle and/or your Pistol during this course.  However, you must completed a Core course for the weapon system you sign up for and bring to this course.  

Cover/Concealment Dynamics - $195

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Site Security

Strategic Risk Mitigation


Whether its your home, you work place, your church or school, we will equip you or your team to protect.  Our instructors are experienced in standing up and training security teams at churches, no matter how big or small and equipping team members with life preserving training.  From the ground up and beyond, our instructors can help you establish a recruitment process, establish a qualification standard and train each team member to meet and exceed that standard.  By partnering with your team, we can also equip your team with an administrative record keeping  infrastructure in order to track your team members progress and training.  Our instructors have protected life and property in High Threat environments such as Afghanistan and Iraq as well as places of worship on American soil. 

We offer on site walk throughs, probes and training with your team and rep out practical application training that will simulate situations our instructors have been in and won.  We will equip your safety team members or first responders with ways to hide in plain sight while protecting what matters most to you.  Our instructors have served as both dignitary and personal protective security specialist and physical security professionals.  The SPECtrain Cadre have been at the forefront of Medical and tactical integration for active shooter training with CMPD and CFD and can help equip your team with a playbook when dealing with mass casualty and active shooter events.  We can provide this training from both sides of the spectrum, both on the Law Enforcement/First Responder Rescue Task Force side and the civilian response to such events.  There is no reason to remain a soft target.  Please use the contact form below to inquire about bringing SPECtrain to your site for training or a consult.  We are here to serve you in any capacity you wish.  

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