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Cold start

We are happy to now offer downloadable, printable targets.  Our first is SPECtrain's Cold Start.  You'll load your initial pistol magazine with 8 rounds and have a full reload mag.  The drill is meant to be shot at the 3 yard line and meant to test your ability to keep your eyes moving and push accuracy and speed.  Download, print and shoot this target and don't forget to use #SPECTRAINCOLDSTART on social media and show us what you've got.  

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Our Cold Start Explained

Click below to watch a short video on why and how to run our Cold Start drill. 

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Mechanics Drill

 With the Mechanics drill we wanted a combined arms course with a relatively low round count for both rifle and pistol that went beyond shooting from one spot. So we make you start at your target and run.  This drill involves a good bit of weapon manipulations and transitions including transitioning from rifle to pistol and recovering your rifle as well as reloads on both.  Train hard, stay safe!

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Mechanics Drill Explained

Click below to watch a short video of how to prepare and run our Mechanics Drill. 

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