These guys have our backs


Ballistic Advantage

Much more than a Barrel company, Ballistic Advantage brings superior craftsmanship  and attention to detail in everything they do.  The barrel of choice for our cadre's rifles, you will not be disappointed in the quality and accuracy when you go Ballistic Advantage.  

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Take Advantage


We believe when carrying a firearm everyday, you should carry an additional magazine and ammo.  Neomag has made this easy and comfortable with a simple yet highly effective solution.  We have carried, beaten and battered our Neomags and they have not quit on us. Craig is a super humble dude who makes great products, check him out and use our code to save on spare mags and a Neomag of your own. 

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Carry. More. Ammo.

Noise Fighters

My head has been through a lot in my life. Shooting and training would often leave me with headaches and other issues but no more. Since adding Noise Fighters Gel inserts to my ear pro, I don't go home with debilitating headaches. We highly recommend Noise Fighter inserts. 

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hearing protection you can count on

DP Custom Works

Doug provides slide milling done right.  Craftsmanship you can trust on the X. 

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Milling Done right


From low profile everyday clothing and bags to Military and Law Enforcement uniforms, Vertx has you covered.  We each carry a Vertx bag every single day and trust them with our most valuable assets. 

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Get 175 Years of Product Innovation

Skullz and Barbells

Ryan is a vet dedicated to getting you where you want to be.  Whether you are a body builder or everyday dude like me, Ryan has the meal plans, apparel and motivation you need.  

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Live your best life

Edgar Sherman Design

Edgar has put out an outstanding sling called the ESD which I trust on my MK18.  It is very comfortable and he is constantly designing awesome gear.  What I like about ESD is that he is pushing the envelope not just on designing and improving existing gear, he takes every aspect such as ergonomics, material, practicality and puts out great gear.  Check him out and pick up one of the best slings I've ever trained with. 

Solutions for your gear needs


Josh and his team have put out some very cool products, one of which in particular I carry with me every day, The INVRT.  Be sure to check them out and pick up one of their awesome bandoliers. 

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Ammo and medical on the go

Extreme Outfitters

Zakk and his guys ensure we have the gear we need to accomplish our mission. More than just weapon accessories and gear, Extreme carries a wide variety of outdoors products you need to stay prepared for anything. 

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Everything you need in one place

Hold Up Displays

We take safety seriously when we train.  Which is why we trust Hold Up Displays to our rifles when not in use.  Moveable and lightweight, you can set up your rifle display anywhere in all sorts of conditions.  

Display your freedom

M3 Tactical Kydex

Owned by Full time LE and Military Veterans, M3 makes holsters designed and deployed by people who have been there.  These holsters are tried and tested by the very best and will allow you to carry and protect what matters most.

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Carry with confidence

Arc Division

Clay and his team have put down a product that gives you that edge, that unfair advantage I trust everyday. Pick up a Comp from Arc and feel the difference. 

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