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"First off no egos.  Being one of the older guys(50ish) I was a little intimidated at first.  That ended right away. Chis and the rest of the instructors were nothing but helpful.  They encouraged me and pushed to become a better and safer shooter. 

I’ve taken several classes to include Pistol and Rifle with SPECTRAIN and already signed up for more. 

New shooters to experienced it doesn’t matter.  You don’t blow a lot of ammo and they teach you to be accountable for every shot.  It’s well worth the little bit of money it cost to have a lot of fun on a Saturday.  Great group of instructors."



"I just wanted to say thank you for putting on one hell of a class. I felt like I learned a lot of valuable information and techniques. Going in, I was a little nervous because we were going to do some stuff I’ve never done before but I felt confident. My confidence only grew with all the positive instruction out on the range. You and the instructors pushed us and that helps everyone grow as an individual and overall builds skillset. I had a blast training with you and your team along with some really good shooters in the class. I will definitely be attending more of your courses in the future."



“If you carry a gun, I highly recommend taking Pistol Paratus. This is not a regular “pistol class”, it is a gun fighting class. Chris and his staff will give you the techniques, but more importantly, the mindset to get your gun in the fight. Whatever your skill level, you will gain something from this class. I have taken many classes over the years and Pistol Paratus is Tier 1."



"This was a great class.  Paratus takes the skills you've learned in Core or other comparable level one rifle courses and builds upon them. I've attended almost all of Spectrains curriculum and have drastically grown as a shooter, which is the desired result of any training class I attend. Paratus focused on different shooting positions, target Identification under stress, critical thinking and shooting while moving, taking the shooter out of their static shooting comfort zone.  I'd highly recommend these guys if you're a new shooter or an advanced shooter looking for a refresher or to build on already learned skills. One more class to go!"


Ryan (@skull_ceo)

"Spec Train Rifle Paratus is a MUST TAKE course! I drove down to NC from DC and honestly would’ve drove further if I had too! The instructors were top notch and genuinely cared about the course, the students, and their passion for what they do showed the entire day! I had some rifle issues and Chris, the lead instructor, not only broke into his personal gear inventory to hook me up with a piece of gear to correct the issue - he pulled me aside and gave me one on one assistance correcting the issue and getting me back up and in the fight! This was absolutely amazing! His exact words were “ca.mon man, let's get you up and running so you leave here feeling accomplished and feeling good!” That alone made the whole drive worth it.  The price for this course for what you get is absolutely more then affordable. Overall we ran, shot, ran some more, shot some more, and did it all again! Such a great training pace.  The drills were practical and challenging and mixed with the right amount of stress needed to really push you to succeed in a stress induced real world scenario where things re never right! I recommend this course to everyone who is serous about pushing their training and bettering their skillset.  I will definitely be attending more of these course without a damn doubt! These dudes are legit! Let’s get some!"


Nathan (@thepatriotpastor)

"Had an amazing experience with the training at Spectrain. It took some fundamentals I have previously practiced, and completely defined and advanced them to be more consistent and accurate. These guys are excellent instructors and care about your success. I'd highly recommend them as a place to advance your training. Great job guys!"


Chad (@Carolina.firearms.forum)

"SpecTrainNC joined us as a sponsor and they offered a slot in their combined rifle/pistol core class to one of us so that we could come see what they were about. I was the only one available so I volunteered.

As the day approached and the weather kept calling for rain I was grumbling under my breath about having to drive 2 hours to shoot in the rain but it ended up being 78 and sunny. I even got a sunburn.

Now I’m used to being, if not the biggest guy, one of the biggest guys at a class but a couple of these guys were giving me a run for my money. Buncha gym rats in this group so I already felt at home...."

To read the rest of Chad's review, hit the action button below and check out Carolina Firearms Forum.

Carolina Firearms Forum Review


“When I signed up for this course I was nervous, and wondered if I shouldn’t have found a way to cancel and just find a way to back out. Boy am I glad I DIDN’T! I was very nervous at the beginning of the day, but as we moved throughout the day and skills drills I felt more and more comfortable. I definitely suggest that ANYONE (and I really mean anyone) who has an interest in becoming more knowledgeable and comfortable with their sidearm that they take this course. 

Is it tough? Yes. 

Is it worth it? HELL. YES! 

Don’t let your own fear or trepidation hold you back. These guys are nothing but amazing instructors and men. Not ONCE did I feel like they didn’t want to teach me because of my lack of skill. It was an incredible experience, and I highly suggest that anyone who wants to become more CONFIDENT and comfortable with their firearm needs to take this course.”



"If you're looking for high quality training then look no further. I started training with SPECtrain in April of 2018 and I have not looked back. Chris and his crew know their stuff and are passionate about what they teach and it is easy to tell with every class. It does not matter if it's your first class or 18th, you will walk away with something new every time. I will continue to put my trust in SPECtrain. Sign up today to prepare for the X!"



"One word. Awesome. I knew I needed to take it up a notch in my abilities in shooting. I was shooting at local ranges doing the same thing all of the time. I needed training on shooting faster, being more stable without a rest, shooting on the move and move then shoot etc.. The new Rifle Core gave me and my son a really good start. We were pushed to shoot faster than I had ever tried and the information to do so. I have things I can practice now. My son and I will take more rifle classes for sure. I first want to do the Pistol Core as I carry my pistol as much as possible . All of the instructors were great. Very knowledgeable, helpful and supportive. Thanks for everything and we will be back."



"SPECtrain is the training you need to choose. These guys really know their stuff. Between their experience in military and law enforcement there is alot you will learn. Because every shooter has their own ways, they put you with a different instructor for each drill. Each one of the guys taught me something different that I never really though of before. I had a great time, I am already looking forward to the next class."



"To say that the SPECTrain staff is phenomenal is an understatement. So far I have only taken a couple courses from Chris and the team, however I will always be back for more. They are some of the best teachers that I have ever met and anyone from any level of shooter can learn from them. From the nations best shooters to the new gun buyer, they will teach you how to safely and efficiently handle that gun and give you a good understanding of the mechanics of whatever platform you bring to the class. From static shooting, standing and looking at a target to obtain your zero, to shoot then move, and then all the way up to run and gun, you will walk away with a good shooting base for all of the above. In addition to all of these outstanding qualities, everyone who I have ever been at a course with has been more than willing and open to learn. Chris and his staff will learn your name and make sure that you feel welcomed and that you are getting a personalized training experience. The SPECTrain courses also don't cost as much as many others out there, so there is no excuse not to get out and train with them! Again, thank you Chris, Justin, Ed, Thomas, Matt, Mondo and anyone else that I missed. You guys rock and Ill be back for more!"



"The rifle core class was a great experience.  It allowed me to identify weaknesses for improvement and gave me some new skills to add to the toolbox.  I immediately signed up for another course with these guys.  Thanks again!"



"This was the first formal rifle class I have ever taken, and it was a blast. They have put together a great team in every aspect from the actual training, to the media side of it.  A++ many more with SpecTrain classes in my future!!!"



"Top of the line training is exact what this was. From the beginning to the end it only built off of itself. The instructors and the entire SPECTrain team were welcoming and willing to take the time to thoroughly answer any all questions. The training course offers something, just like other reviews have said, that EVERY shooter can take away. I am definitely looking forward to the next course. Thanks SPECTrain!"



"As a novice rifle shooter that wanted to improve my fundamentals, I was extremely nervous going into Rifle-Core. Within just the first hour of meeting Chris and the rest of his team I could see these were genuine down to earth guys who just wanted to teach and help students improve themselves. I learned a ton of valuable information from the guys at SPECTRAIN and will most certainly be back for future classes."



"I attended Pistol Core 18-3 in June of 2018. What a great experience! I attend lots of training classes for my job and have seen a wide spectrum of instructors. The SPECtrain staff is awesome and are eager to share their knowledge, experience , and ideas. Their curriculum was well laid out and built on itself from beginning to end. I left the class with a good understanding of the fundamentals as well areas that I personally need to focus on going forward. I definitely plan to take more SPECtrain classes in the future. I would encourage anyone who is serious about taking responsibility for the safety of themselves and the ones they love to seek out quality training with Chris and the staff of SPECtrain. I definitely plan to take more classes with them in the future."


Marshall (@tatted_gent)

"The class was phenomenal! This is not one of those classes where you just sling rounds downrange and that’s that. We sling TONS of rounds downrange but each one had a purpose and helped re-iterate the tutelage you received beforehand. I learned a lot about not only the mechanics of shooting but also about the mindset. I was shown a lot of different ways to look at shooting in general and taught how to set myself up for the best results. Each instructor was patient with me being a new shooter but at the same time held me to the same standard that they would a seasoned shooter and i appreciated that. The instructors were all also very knowledgable and were able to thoroughly explain not only the how-to’s of each drill but they were also explained what made each drill effective in making me a more proficient shooter. The class was made up of shooters from all walks of life and experiences (backgrounds) which made the class even more of a pleasure seeing how everyone was also able to not only identify with each other but also were able to pick each other’s brains. The drills themselves were very well thought out and executed and the Spectrain staff made sure that there was very little down time which ensured we definitely got our monies worth. This class left me with an even bigger thirst for knowledge and an even larger passion to become a more proficient shooter and protector of my loved ones. I look forward to attending even more classes next year."



"Pistol and rifle core provide an amazing foundation for veteran and new shooters alike. I have learned drills and fundamentals that will follow me as I progress in my industry, and I see every course as an investment into my life and livelihood. SPECtrain has instructors with diverse backgrounds, and I learned more in 16 hours, between two courses, than I have in months of training alone. I highly recommend learning under Chris and the rest of the team." 



"I want to start by saying that I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I signed up for Pistol Core 19-1. I had messaged Chris a few times asking for advice or clarifications on different things; weapon systems, weapon work, vendors, etc and he not knowing me from Adams house cat, always answered immediately with very good knowledge and his mentality behind the advice he gave. This was a huge deal to me so I decided whole heartedly to commit to spectrain exclusively. When I arrived Saturday morning everything was orderly. The day was well planned out and already being executed exceptionally. Once I met the cadre; Trey, Billy, Mark, ED, and Chris I realized almost instantly I had made the right choice. These guys are all extremely accomplished individuals but treated every single person the same. No egos, no pre-conceived notions, no one way is right and that’s the Bible mentality. Every instructor brought a different skill set to the “table”. I purposely rotated through every member of the cadre during various drills. Each time I added a new tool to my kit. These guys wanted it done correctly and pushed me hard to make sure every iteration was done correctly. They taught in a way to not only mentally challenge the shooter but to make sure muscle memory could be retained through on going training. I practice what they taught me for at least 15-20 min every day; grip, presentation, trigger manipulation, tactical reloads, emergency reloads, etc and this all began with them instilling the mindset to train like your life depends on it. Mark from the cadre made a statement that changed my take on every drill I completed that day and will forever complete: “treat the target like it’s real, not a piece of paper, we are not here to put holes in paper.” This is something that will stick with me forever. In closing I’m not one to kiss ass, these guys really changed my outlook and built onto my skill set immensely. The weather was tough but that made the class all the better. In the event we need to use this skill set in a life changing scenario it may not be in a warm controlled environment. I embraced the suck with every single member of my class and wouldn’t have changed it if I could have. This class changed me for the better and I made true friends while doing it. I will be completing every upcoming class I can with these and really look forward to a long friendship. You are welcome to put my name with my review."



"I can’t stress enough how much I appreciated the course. It made me a better shooter than I was when I pulled up. It’s amazing how many simple mechanics I was missing in my shooting. Each instructor was able to tweak different aspects for me and helped immensely. You have assembled quite the team. I’m looking forward to attending other courses."



"Core Pistol 19-3 was the best money I’ve spent on anything firearms related! Even weeks before class day I was already impressed with Chris’ response time on e-mails. I asked a question and got a response before I even realized it. This kept up all the way through class day with clear answers to my questions, never making me feel like I was asking too much. 

This was my very first firearms training ever so I didn’t know what to expect and honestly I was a little intimidated. As soon as the teaching began that intimidation was out the door. All the instructors were very down to earth, despite their impressive resumés. I loved the fact that the day starts with Stop the Bleed training and a talk on mindset and safety. The importance the cadre placed on these topics let me know I was definitely in the right place. Throughout the day the instructors would diagnose my issues and provide guidance the whole way through. One of my favorite moments was at the very end, running the Core drill. There was one part I specifically struggled with and as soon as I got there I was swarmed by Ed, Mark, and Trey with words of encouragement and guidance. For me, this was truly an awesome moment as I felt my frustrations lift off my shoulders and was able to apply their guidance to complete the drill. 

I can’t say enough about how awesome these guys are. Very knowledgeable, easygoing men that genuinely want to see you meet your goals. I left the class with the confidence that I can preserve life if the situation arises, hopefully it never does. One last thing, when you sign up get the creative package. Thomas is a wizard behind the camera!"



"This was my first ever real training class other than a basic CCW class.  I honestly came into the class ready to learn everything I could I was happy to find out that the cadre were all very well qualified to be teaching through their life experiences in their chosen past professions.  And were still down to earth guys with no egos I learned everything I possibly could and truly enjoyed my day out on the range and the stop the bleed class was an awesome bonus I will be back to SPECtrain for more training."



"Chris, the course is difficult to sum up shortly, but I would describe it as phenomenal. The instructors, course layout, and professionalism is like none I’ve seen before in other courses I’ve attended. Will be back without a doubt."



For a first time shooter I had an amazing experience.  I learned so much in my first class in Sept 2018 it is now 7 months letter and I have attended 3 Pistol core classes and they keep getting better and better. The instructors are hands down the most ergonomically talented people I have had the pleasure to train with , they each bring their own unique set of skills to the table . With so many tried, tested & proven methods SPECtrain has found the perfect formula. But words can only say so much, you have to sing up to experience  SPECtrain."



"Bottom Line Up Front: This course was exactly what I was looking for. The Spectrain cadre gave me new confidence as a capable and responsible armed citizen. I believe their training will benefit anyone who carries a firearm.

The instructors are friendly and knowledgeable. With I wide array of backgrounds, each instructor brings something different to the table. They spent ample one-on-one time with us making sure we nailed every detail before we advance to the next drill. Chris even loaned me a spare mag off his belt in order for me to finish a drill.

The instruction was taught in a way that was easy to take in. The drills were realistic and each drill was more complex than the last. It was great that we could run each drill more than once and with different instructors. Overall the training was challenging, but fun, and inspired confidence in our skills.

What stood out to me about training with Spectrain was that they took things “beyond the range.” I mean yes we did a lot of shooting, but we also Learned things that make us more well-rounded shooters. We Received Stop the Bleed training, an in-depth look at everyday carry/gear considerations, as well as proper mindset and Situational Awareness training.

By the end of the day I was greatly impressed by how far my skills had advanced in just 8 hours.

I will definitely be returning to SPECtrain in the future."



"I got into shooting back in 1996 and started carrying just about 21 years ago. In the past few decades I have taken training here and there but mostly I've been self-taught. The reason being, most times the training being offered stinks. Why? Because you end up just another face in a crowd with one instructor trying to teach a large group, hoping to glean something by the end of the day. But that's not the case with SPECtrain. You get the same and even more of the benefit of one-on-one instruction but in a group setting with several instructors all with varying backgrounds and a crew of students from all walks of life. 

I leave each and every time feeling built up and empowered, ready to head out and practice everything I've learned and carry it with me. I have learned more in the past 6 months than I have in the other 2 decades I've been shooting. I can't say enough good things about this crew. I just finished my latest run with them, and I'm already signed up for 2 more. I've done Pistol Core twice, Rifle Core once and Critical Pistol Applications just this past weekend. I just now signed up for Critical Rifle Applications as well as Cover/Concealment Dynamics. 

I believe wholeheartedly in the SPECtrain Mission as it mirrors my own. For 2019 my goal was to get in at least 5 courses with SPECtrain and I will have that knocked out by June. Looks like I'll up that number to a dozen instead. Big thank you to the whole SPECtrain Cadre. To me you're part of my extended family now. I can't say enough about what meeting you all and training with you has done for me and what it means to me. Keep doing what you do and I'll bring the oranges."



"Critical Pistol Application incorporates the use of all of the fundamentals learned or refined during Core Pistol, and forces you to use them to complete more complex drills and scenarios. Your thinking, moving, making decisions, and shooting all at the same time. Don’t let that intimidate you though, the SPECtrain cadre are very positive and encouraging, and will take the time to help you where you need it most!"



"Critical Pistol Applications is a true gunfighter's course, shooting on the move, target discrimination, and multi-threat engagements were all covered by a knowledgeable cadre of instructors. Feedback was given in a very down to earth manner, stressing always that it was A way not THE way. Overall I had a great time and look forward to more SPECTRAIN courses in the future."



"I wanted to reach out to you and thank you again tremendously for a putting on such a informative and engaging class. 

My journey through working law enforcement and federal security has been intresting one and still is growing, but I  ever stopped my pursuit in learning everything I can so that should the worst happen I will be ready. Classes like yours help me improve as a warrior and sheepdog in today's world.


Your instructors and your self and knowledgable and beyond professional. And further more humble and supportive in helping students of all walks of life become better shooters. I will definitely be back for more classes. I'm very interested in your cover and concealment dynamics and advanced rifle class. 

I personally will continue to rep and encourage other shooters I know to attend your classes. My many thanks again."



"Critical pistol application course is a phenomenal training opportunity for those desiring to enhance their tactics, techniques and procedures in combat shooting and gun fighting. The instructors are first-class and true subject matter expert’s with the backgrounds to support what they are teaching. I have been to a number of training courses in my 25+ year law-enforcement and military career, these guys have definitely earned a customer for life with me!"



"I would highly recommend Spectrain to all levels of shooters, whether you are a recreational marksman or a professional gunfighter. The instructors are all extremely knowledgeable and very down to earth. The critical applications course was jam packed full of practical drills for everyday scenarios. There was very little down time, which maximized the training. Having been through many training courses through law enforcement and the civilian level this course was one of the best I have attended! I will definitely be attending more in the future. Thanks for a great day of training!"

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